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Dear Parents:

. In order to provide further assistance to our esteemed students with regards to online learning, we have added ( Schoology ) website as a means of communication.

. With (Schoology ), every student has a chance to communicate with his/her teachers and ask questions and get clarifications on any issue related to the lessons.

. A specific time and a specific access code will be assigned for each subject and will be communicated through the weekly plans.


To achieve this objective, each student must create a student account in Schoology , Please follow the steps below to do so:-

Steps for Creating Student Account in

1- To sign up for a student account, click on

2- To login to your account, click on

3- To join the class for a certain subject, click on

4- Then on the right upper corner, click on “Join Course

5- Finally, copy and paste the Access Code that we will send in the weekly plan

Example: X9MF-SVRM-QSMP8.

Please create your accounts today so that you can join us soon

Thank you for your collaboration

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