Admission Policies

As an embodiment of the philosophy, vision, and mission of Al-Noor INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, the Admissions Office commits itself to administering and implementing its policies to ensure acceptance of students who possess the optimum potential for achieving academic and professional excellence while being actively involved in community service.



A student entering Al-Noor INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL must meet the age requirement, and in exceptional cases, the school may consider students who are one year older or younger than the level required age. The school encourages parents to enroll students who are of legal age in kindergarten in the beginning of the school year. A students enrolling for Grade 1 must meet the age requirement and the school will not consider any student whose age does not meet the age requirement set by the Ministry of Education.



New students will undergo an interview with the school’s Academic Supervisors before being accepted.
In some cases, the student will be asked to sit for an admission test to determine his/her eligibility.



Upon acceptance, a registration fee must be paid. This payment is non-refundable even if the student fails to secure the admission requirements or postpones the enrollment process.




  New Admission

  •  A copy of the father`s passport

  •  A copy of the mother`s passport

  •  A copy of the student`s passport

  •  A copy of the father`s ID- valid Iqama

  •  A copy of the student`s ID- valid Iqama

  •  A copy of birth certificate

  •  Vaccination card

  •  Employment certificate from father`s employer

  •  Two ( 2 ) 4X6 colored photo


  Domestic Transferees

All requirements under “ New Admission ” in addition to :

  •  Original report card of previous school level completed authenticated by the Ministry of Education if the school is outside Riyadh .

  •  All original report cards of previous school level completed .

  •  Financial clearance.

  •  Original approval authenticated by the Ministry of Education if the school is in Riyadh .



  International Transferees

All requirements under “ New Admission ” in addition to

  •  Original report card of last school level completed authenticated by the Saudi Embassy in the country where the school is located .

  •  If the report card is not in English, the parent must translate the report card from an approved Translation Agency in Riyadh.


To complete the admission process, school fees must be paid and all books must be bought. Students of Al-Noor International School and new students are required to submit to their respective section supervisor their Admission Slip at the beginning of each semester.


Payment Scheme

Easy Installment Plan

Basic Education (Grade School)

1. Quarterly

2. Semi-annually


1- Old and new students must secure an Admission Slip from the Cashier in the beginning of every semester.

2- Promoted students must pay the first installment and buy the books on the first day of the school year.

3- The student’s entry will be removed from the school's record if he has been absent for continuous 40 days without prior notice. As a result, the school will cancel the whole semester as well.

4- The student must settle the fees of the whole semester before withdrawing his / her file.

5- The School prohibits the use of illegally reproduced books (photocopied books).

6- The school does not allow sharing of books among students, including related students.

7- All students must secure all the school books before entering the classrooms.

8- Books are sold in package basis only.

9- Purchased books cannot be returned.


Parents’ Policy

The collaboration between parents and the school can form a strong team that is capable of enhancing the performance of the school and students in many ways.

1- Inform us when your son/daughter is suffering from any problems, outside the school campus, that can degrade his/her performance.

2- Contact the School Management or sections’ Supervisor when you have queries or problems and avoid interacting with the teachers directly without the Management permission.

3- Parents are not allowed to enter the classrooms.

4- Parents are not allowed to stroll around the school’s campus.

5- Parents are advised to observe the diary’s notes and remarks on daily basis.

6- Parents are advised to pay attention to all letters and notices sent by the school.

7- Parents are advised to pay attention to phone calls made by the school.

8- Parents are not allowed to review end-of-term test papers. Instead, based on the parent’s official request, the school forms a committee to review the test papers and then reports the result to the parent.

9- Parents must be courteous and gentle when making requests, complaints or suggestions.

10- Shouting, yelling, insulting or physically offending any member of the school may have serious consequences including legal proceedings and termination of the student’s registration at the school.

11- Parents must not override the school’s authority or deny its judgment.

12- Parents must enter the school through the Management entrance. Parents are not allowed to enter through the students entrances.

13- Parents must avoid any contact with any student during or after school hours. The school reserves the right to solve all students’ problems.

14- Parents are not allowed to pick the students from the classroom directly, without the supervisor’s approval, even during home time. Parents must wait near the students’ gate for their children to come out.

15- Parents must come to school when they are invited.

16- Advancing or delaying exams is strictly prohibited.

17- Parents are advised to arrange their annual vacation in accordance with the school annual calendar.

18- Parents are not allowed to pay money or give gifts to teachers.

19- Parents are advised to assist their children to review their lesson and do their home assignments.

20- The school is responsible for distributing the students across the classrooms. Parents do not have the right to participate in this responsibility or deny the school judgment.

21- When placing students inside the classrooms, the school grants the front seats to students with medical problems, otherwise the height of the students is used in arranging the students. Parents do not have the right to participate in the arrangement process or deny the school judgment.

22- The school can transfer the student to another classroom if the school decides it is for the benefit of the student or the benefit of the class. The school shall inform the parents about the transfer and parents cannot reverse the school decision.